Gastronomically Brussels

Brussels speaks to all the senses, but during this tour we’ll mainly let your taste buds do the talking!


To remember

Theme: Gastronomy
Region: Brussels
Pro Velo, rue de Londres 15, 1050 Ixelles
Physical challenge: Very easy
Distance: 15 Km
Duration: 03h30
Price: 15 €
Supplementary cost: 5 €


Currently no dates available


The city’s culinary specialities include bloempanch, pottekeis, geuze sour beer, … We will discover where and how these delights are traditionally made – and, of course: how they taste. (Spoiler: very well!)

This tour focuses on gastronomy, but will also touch on other aspects of the culinary history of Brussels.

For a 5 euro supplement, you get to taste two delicious local specialities and one beer.


Good to know

  • Reserve up to the night before.
  • Last-minute reservations can only be made by phone.
  • No bike at your disposal? Rent one of ours!

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