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-45% car traffic

Improvements to cycling infrastructure lead to 45% less car traffic and faster public transport.

Measure: infrastructure improvements and lower speed limits.

Copenhagen, Denmark

-3.8 million congestion hours

Cycle highway reduces time spent in congestion by 3.8 million hours.

Measure: building fast crossing-free bike lanes.

The Netherlands

-50,000 car journeys

Cycle highway network reduces the need for 50,000 motor vehicle journeys daily.

Measure: building a 101 km cycle highway in an urban agglomeration.

Ruhr area, Germany

35% faster car travel times

New bike lanes shorten automobile travel times by 35%.

Measure: new on-road protected bike lanes.

New York, USA

6.47 million daily journeys

6.47 million daily journeys made by motorised modes could be cycled in less than 20 minutes.

How will we get this show on the road?

London, UK

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You want to develop the use of cycling (whether it be utilitary or tourist) in your area and you need guidance to do it effectively? Pro Velo is specialised and experienced in the field of bike mobility. We gladly help you carry out evaluations and action plans, traffic counts, the planning of cycle routes and networks, master plans, surveys and studies.

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