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Should I wear a helmet?


Does wearing a helmet make cycling safer? The answer, according to research, is “not sure”. What surely does increase safety, however, is increased awareness and better cycling infrastructures.

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How should you go about choosing a lightweight helmet that both fits your head and suits your type of riding? We happily point out, by the way, that wearing a helmet is not compulsory in Belgium.

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Minimum legal requirements for your bike


Any bike that is used on the public highway must be equipped in accordance with the law.

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Air pollution: should we all start wearing masks?


People on bikes absorb four to nine times more fine dust particles than people in cars. On a bike, you’re also more exposed to other pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide (Belgian Science Policy, 2011). Faced with this observation, should we all start wearing air masks for pollution protection?

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Strive for enlightenment. Not to avoid a fine, but for your own safety.

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