Travelling by bike

Bike Travel Day

Do you want to throw yourself into your first bike trip? Accompanied by Pro Velo and its partners Bike Packer and Hors Catégorie, come live, breath and pedal bike rides in all their forms during the “Bike Travel Day”, which has: bike mechanics, an equipment and baggage workshop, a scenario, a meeting with travellers, practical and technical advice, etc. The “Bike Travel Day” is a total immersion into bike trips on Brussels’ cycle routes. A guaranteed fun experience of discovery.

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Bike Talks

How do I choose my route? What equipment should I bring? Where do I sleep and eat? What route planning tools are there? What budget should I anticipate? Bike trips: are they for me? Which bike should I choose?

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Mini Bike Adventures in Brussels

Pro Velo is holding meetings for Belgians and, especially, those from Brussels to let them travel within their own capital. Do you think you know Brussels like the back of your hand? Or, rightly, do you want to discover hidden and overlooked places while having an unforgettable experience?

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EuroVelo 3

RAVeL - Wallonia

More and more beautiful cycling infrastructure along the EuroVelo 3 in Wallonia - RAVeL

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The impact of cycle tourism

Throughout Europe, Cycle tourism is on the rise. What impact does the passage of these cycling tourists have on our lands in terms of everyday mobility?

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Through developing personalised solutions that facilitate and encourage people to transition to cycling, the non-profit organisation Pro Velo contributes to a higher quality of life.